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Years of Struggle Better Smart Laundry Services at its peak.

Since our foundation, we have been dedicated to providing smart quality laundry services with highest level of satisfaction to our esteemed customers.

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Egopie Laundry Limited


EGOPIE laundry is brought to you by Egopie to be the pioneer of e-laundry services in Nigeria. At the laundry, we specialise in providing fully digital laundry hubs to campuses and communal living areas across Nigeria and Africa. We fulfil this obligation by offering smart laundry solutions through our proprietary systems and world class state-of-the-art washing and drying machines.

The company with a vision to solve laundry challenges, takes pride in establishing and managing seamless digital laundry infrastructures within university campuses and communal living areas. We do this to make laundry one less thing to worry about, for the students and staff as they go through the university and for all who needs to save that extra time, while at the same time getting a great wash.

Our core believe is that laundry should not have to take up your time or have you worried. It is, therefore, our goal to ensure that this does not happen. By using our smart technologies and world class e-laundry infrastructure, we have made laundry for our happy customers seamless and efficient. Also, our partners have continued to enjoy a mutually beneficial collaboration with us.

Our Manifesto

  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Service

We are all about giving you back time, so you can spend it doing the things that matter most. We pride ourselves on using technology and innovation to make doing laundry easy and efficient so that you can look good and feel great without any of the hassle.

We know you spend your hard-earned money buying the clothes that you love. They are important to you, so they are important to us. With our state of the art laundry facility, our experienced staff, premium detergents and our innovative procedures we have worked hard to set a new benchmark in quality when it comes to caring for your clothes, earning the right to claim our service is best in class.

Whether its through our innovative app and lockers or through our professional customer service, we just want your experience with Egopie Laundry to be the best it can be. We work hard everyday to make sure our passion for laundry, our energy, honesty and commitment come through every step of the way.

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We desire to give you your money’s worth, so we understand how important it will be to our customers to experience an uninterrupted e-laundry service. For this reason, we attempt to make our e-laundry hubs available 99.9% of 24/7 of the time, wherever possible. In addition to this, you can always count on our team of specialists, performing regular preventative maintenance visits and remotely monitoring each hub using intelligent technologies.

We understand it is every single person’s obligation to contribute to the health of our planet. At egopie, we accept this obligation and seek ways to always limit our carbon footprint. To this effect, we use machines which are particularly engineered to minimise the amount of resources they consume and are about 90% recyclable ones they become obsolete.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us. Please reach out to us and let us handle your laundry problems

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